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Using “if” for conditionals is easy, but aren’t there other ways to express conditions? By the end of this class, your students will be able to go beyond “if”!

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Difficulty:  CEFR B2-C1 / IELTS 5.0-8.0 / BULATS 60-89 / TOEFL 87-120

Target Student Age: 14+

This presentation was tested in a 55-minute class.

About Grammar Bites

In traditional grammar classes, large grammar concepts and ideas are typically taught, and the students have little time to actually put the language into use. This means they leave the class without being able to produce with the language. Grammar Bites is a series that is focused on getting students to practice one sentence structure at a time, so that they can freely produce with it by the end of class. It’s focused on using the language, not teaching the idea of the language.

Every class introduces the target language through dialogue and examples, so that students learn how the target language is used in a natural context. They them have an opportunity to practice the language, and then to freely produce with the language.

Due to the extensive opportunities that students have to practice the target language, students will live your class feeling confident and being able to put the language into use.

This presentation includes:

  • 1 vocabulary introduction slide
  • 1 introduction dialogue
  • 2 example slides
  • 2 dialogues for listening practice
  • 1 practice activity
  • 2 production activities