Opening a Cafe


Your students are going to open a café in your city, but before they can, there are many choices they will have to make if they want their business to be successful! Non-stop discussion and creativity in the “Opening a…” series.

Difficulty:  CEFR B1+ / IELTS 4.0+ / BULATS 40+ / TOEFL 57+

Target Student Age: 14+

This presentation was tested in a 55-minute class.

About the Series:

Opening a… has proven to be one of the most popular series that I’ve taught. When students come to an Opening a… English Corner, they know exactly what to expect. Every presentation in the series is structured the same, but with a focus on a different business in each presentation, thus allowing for creativity and new ideas each week.

In this class, students work together to conceptualize a business in broad strokes, and to think about what would and wouldn’t work in their city. They will have to discuss and debate different ideas, and come to a consensus in their groups as to how to move forward with their businesses.

Opening a… is a great series for a very large range of English levels. Even advanced students can get engaged and enthusiastic about sharing their ideas, and due to the standardized nature of the class, even lower-level ESL students will be able to contribute to the group discussion.

 This presentation includes:

  • 1 introduction slide
  • 3 opening discussion questions
  • 3 multiple choice slides
  • 7 business discussion questions
  • 4 extended discussion questions


*Please note that all presentations have been made in such a way that they are not editable. This is done in order to ensure consistency in look and function, as well as protect the work that I have put into them. Thank you for your understanding.


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