Long-Distance Relationships


Relationships are difficult, and long-distance relationships are even more so. You can’t see the person you love. You may be insecure and worried about what that person is doing. You both may change. So, is it worth it to try to pursue a long-distance relationship?

Difficulty: CEFR B1-B2 / IELTS 4.0-6.5 / BULATS 40-74 / TOEFL 57-109

Target Student Age: 16+

This presentation was tested in a 55-minute class.

The Situation:

Your partner and you have been together for one year. The relationship is going very well, and you feel like you love your partner.

However, a fantastic school in another country has offered your partner a chance to go there and study.

Your partner will be gone for four years, and will have very few chances to visit you. Do you stay together, or end the relationship?

This presentation includes:

  • 2 vocabulary introduction slides
  • 4 opening discussion questions
  • 1 introduction situation
  • 4 debates
  • 1 activity
  • 3 statistics for discussion
  • 2 extension questions


*Please note that all presentations have been made in such a way that they are not editable. This is done in order to ensure consistency in look and function, as well as protect the work that I have put into them. Thank you for your understanding.


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