Living on Mars


What do your students think are the Pros and Cons of Living on Mars? Get them gabbing with engaging discussion questions, an activity about saving the best of humanity and questions on how to colonize Mars.

Difficulty: CEFR B2-C1 / IELTS 5.0-8.0 / BULATS 60-89 / TOEFL 87-120

Target Student Age: 14+

This presentation was tested in a 55-minute class.

Opening Discussion Question:

For many years, scientists and politicians have wanted to colonize Mars. They have sent rovers to explore the surface of Mars, and have found traces of ice and microscopic organisms that confirms there was once life on Mars. Scientists believe that it would be possible to build a bio-dome on Mars to sustain human life, and grow plants in order to generate oxygen and create a livable environment over time. With every passing year, the reality of colonizing Mars is coming closer and closer.

What are the pros and cons of humans colonizing Mars?

This presentation includes:

  • An opening discussion
  • 1 vocabulary introduction slide
  • 5 opening discussion questions
  • 2 activities
  • 3 questions on how to colonize Mars
  • 2 hypothetical problems
  • 3 statistics for discussion


*Please note that all presentations have been made in such a way that they are not editable. This is done in order to ensure consistency in look and function, as well as protect the work that I have put into them. Thank you for your understanding.


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