Do You Have a Dream?


What are your students’ dreams for the future? Are they able to share the dreams regarding their personal lives and careers? By the end of this class, they will be! Get your students chatting with Chatter!

Difficulty:  B2 / IELTS 5.0-6.5 / BULATS 60-74 / TOEFL 87-109

Target Student Age: 16+

Presentation Focus: planning for the future, discussing life dreams

This presentation was tested in a 55-minute class.

About the Chatter Series

The Chatter Series covers a range of topics, spanning several levels, with a variety of engaging questions and activities.  Each Chatter presentation focuses on a topic, and is meant to enhance vocabulary and fluency regarding the topic through fun and dynamic activities.

Each class is different from the next, and the activities within each presentation are structured so that teachers and students will be able to grasp and follow them easily. This means that you’ll waste less time in class explaining instructions and ideas, and your students will have more time to practice speaking.

By the end of a Chatter class, your students will be more well-versed in the target topic, so get your students chatting with Chatter!

This presentation includes:

  • 1 vocabulary introduction slide
  • 2 reading activity slides
  • 3 goal discussion slides
  • 1 reading activity with handout and questions
  • 5 discussion questions
  • Grammar introduction of “going to”
  • 1 activity regarding planning for the future


*Please note that all presentations have been made in such a way that they are not editable. This is done in order to ensure consistency in look and function, as well as protect the work that I have put into them. Thank you for your understanding.


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