I’ve been in the ESL business since 2006, and have been lucky enough to have a lot of great students, and outstanding managers who have offered me guidance and direction regarding my classes. However, I’ve not always been so lucky when it comes to finding good PowerPoint material for my classes.

With this is mind, I started to develop my own material for my “English Corner” classes, as well as adapt existing material. I continuously improved the presentations that I developed based on feedback from my students, and how they were responding in class.

Over time, other teachers started asking if they could use my material in class, because they also were having trouble finding good presentations for ESL classes. And here we are. 


About the Presentations

One of the problems in trying to make presentations for use by other people is making sure that the presentations look the same from system to system. Different operating systems and software may display the presentations in odd ways, or relevant fonts may not be installed. With this in mind, every presentation has been exported as image files, and then recombined into a new presentation. While this does increase the file size, it also means that you don’t have to worry about how the presentation will look, and can be confident in making a good impression with your students.

In addition, almost every presentation that I make is part of a series. By creating a series, students know what to expect in class, and this allows them to come into class with a mental framework already in place if they have had a similar class before. This allows them to speak out more, which is the goal of any ESL class.