Professional Presentations for Dynamic Classes!

Whether you are a new or veteran ESL teacher, there have likely been times where you’ve scratched your head and wondered what to do for a class, or how to make a class more engaging and dynamic. On top of that, what should you do to get a group of students who may be shy to open up and start speaking?

Over the years, I’ve learned to deal with these issues by creating different series of ESL PowerPoint Presentations. By designing a series with a specific format, I found that I was able to tweak it and improve upon it each time I did a class within each particular series. In addition, creating different series allowed me to develop and polish my teaching skills each time I taught.

With the above in mind, I set out to standardize my various series in such a way that other teachers, regardless of experience, would be able to use them effortlessly. These series have been designed to have a natural flow, and prompt student engagement.

I hope that ESLPPT will prove to be a valuable resource in your ESL journey, and help you change the futures of your students.


Shawn Wilkes